When all the hunters take their places, the beaters start to move towards the hunters, making noise and flushing the partridges. The hunters have to react quickly and not to miss the birds flying towards them. The hunt is finished when the beaters come close to the hunters. At the end all the partridges are counted, so the owners of the hunting area can control the population.
Normally the hunter hides behind the hunting screen avoiding being seen by the birds. He is always accompanied by the assistant who is in charge of loading the second gun while the hunter shoots with the first one. The reflective vests of the beaters are seen from the long distance and help to prevent an accident. As soon as the hunter sees the beater, he must stop shooting.

Hunting season:  the 12th October – the 31st March.


Join us in the dove and quail hunting in the best hunting areas of Agadir and Marrakech in Morocco. The hunt takes place during the weekends. Apart from the hunting we also take charge of the flights and accommodation in the Riu hotels.

Hunting season:

Doves: the 15th June – the end of August.

Quails: The first week of October – the end of February.